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Featured Hotels

Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna
Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna ****
Perfect location in the beachfront and close to the centre of Peñiscola. SITUATION Lat: 40°21'50.74"N Lng: 0°24'8.38"E ROOMS The hotel has 551...
Hotel Casablanca Peñíscola
Hotel Casablanca Peñíscola ****
Services: This attractive hotel is located right by the beach promenade of Peñiscola Bay. The residence lies in close proximity to the centre, which is easily reachable on...
From 45,35 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Puerto Mar
Hotel Apartamentos Puerto Mar ***
The Hotel Porto Mar is located 800 meters from the beaches of Peniscola, in a quiet residential area of the city. The recently opened hotel is ideal for families with...
From 29,67 €/Night
Hotel RH Porto Cristo
Hotel RH Porto Cristo ****
The RH PORTO CRISTO, located close to the beach, is the perfect place to spend a few days enjoying the recreational activities on offer in the town Its rooms are comfortable...
From 54,02 €/Night

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List of Hotels Peñíscola

Adosados/Duplex Peñismar I 3000 ****
From 23,44 €/Night
Apartamento Ermitana
Apartamentos Acuarela LLL
Apartamentos Agora Peñíscola L
From 62,87 €/Night
Apartamentos Albatros I *
Apartamentos Argenta LLL
From 28,06 €/Night
Apartamentos Azahar Playa 3000 LL
Apartamentos Boutique Peñiscola 3000 LL
Apartamentos Cala Josep LL
From 20,98 €/Night
Apartamentos Capri Peñíscola LLL
From 30,19 €/Night
Apartamentos Complejo Los Palmitos
From 28,00 €/Night
Apartamentos da Vinci LL
From 28,32 €/Night
Apartamentos Dos Bahias *
From 24,64 €/Night
Apartamentos Euromar III LLL
From 27,77 €/Night
Apartamentos EuroPeñíscola *
From 26,30 €/Night
Apartamentos Finca del Moro LLL
From 29,58 €/Night
Apartamentos Finca Simo LLL
From 27,38 €/Night
Apartamentos Font Nova *
From 21,91 €/Night
Apartamentos Forner LLL
From 27,93 €/Night
Apartamentos Habitat Costa LLL
From 24,15 €/Night
Apartamentos La Carabela Peñíscola LL
Apartamentos La Volta *
From 26,30 €/Night
Apartamentos Las Norias LLL
From 37,26 €/Night
Apartamentos Loma Bella
Apartamentos Los Azahares LL
From 26,35 €/Night
Apartamentos Maestro Bayarri LLL
From 30,19 €/Night
Apartamentos Mar de Azahar LLL
From 26,30 €/Night
Apartamentos Mar de Peñíscola 3000 LL
From 23,04 €/Night
Apartamentos Mediterranean Suites 3000 LL
Apartamentos Mediterráneo Peñíscola LLL
From 29,58 €/Night
Apartamentos Mercury LLL
From 33,22 €/Night
Apartamentos Mirador Peñíscola 3000 LL
From 23,22 €/Night
Apartamentos Miralcielo LLL
Apartamentos Moli de Vent LLL
From 44,84 €/Night
Apartamentos Nerea LL
From 29,58 €/Night
Apartamentos Noelia *
Apartamentos Olimpo 3000 LL
From 23,12 €/Night
Apartamentos Papa Luna 3000 LL
Apartamentos Paseo Marítimo LL
From 35,73 €/Night
Apartamentos Peñíscola Centro L
From 19,04 €/Night
Apartamentos Peñíscola Playa LLL
From 18,49 €/Night
Apartamentos Peñíscola Residencial LLL
From 23,37 €/Night
Apartamentos Picasso Peñíscola LL
From 30,66 €/Night
Apartamentos Playa Dorada *
Apartamentos Playasol 3000
From 23,12 €/Night
Apartamentos Pompeya LLL
From 28,36 €/Night
Apartamentos Port Nou
Apartamentos Residencial Edison LLL
From 29,58 €/Night
Apartamentos Residencial Estíbaliz LL
Apartamentos Residencial Les Illes
From 34,75 €/Night
Apartamentos Sorolla LLL
From 85,42 €/Night
Apartamentos Still Mar 3000
From 35,32 €/Night
Apartamentos Surfing 3000
From 28,09 €/Night
Apartamentos Tamarindos Peñíscola LL
From 44,16 €/Night
Apartamentos Tierra de Irta 3000 L
From 21,02 €/Night
Apartamentos Varios Peñiscola
From 18,78 €/Night
Apartamentos Villamar LLL
From 30,66 €/Night
Apartamentos Vista Suites Peñiscola 3000
Apartamentos Voramar Peñíscola LLL
From 18,63 €/Night
Aparthotel Acualandia ***
From 59,80 €/Night
Aparthotel Acuasol ***
From 44,90 €/Night
Aparthotel Acuazul ****
From 59,80 €/Night
Aparthotel Jardínes del Plaza ***
From 42,24 €/Night
Aparthotel Prado II ***
From 59,17 €/Night
Aparthotel Puertomar ***
From 29,67 €/Night
Bungalows Peñismar I - II *
From 22,25 €/Night
Bungalows Villamar LL
From 33,04 €/Night
Casas Sierramar Peñíscola
From 80,83 €/Night
Chalet Urmi *
Chalets Tierra de Irta 3000 LL
Gran Hotel Peñíscola ****
From 45,49 €/Night
Hotel Agora Peñíscola ****
From 27,80 €/Night
Hotel Apartamentos Puerto Mar ***
From 29,67 €/Night
Hotel Arena Prado ***
From 57,53 €/Night
Hotel Blason Junior *
From 37,84 €/Night
Hotel Boutique La Mar ***
From 81,02 €/Night
Hotel Cabo del Mar **
From 46,92 €/Night
Hotel Casablanca Peñíscola ****
From 45,35 €/Night
Hotel Don Carlos Peñíscola ****
From 46,44 €/Night
Hotel Estrella del Mar
Hotel Felipe II Peñíscola **
From 34,92 €/Night
Hotel Hey Peñíscola **
Hotel Hostería del Mar ****
From 83,79 €/Night
Hotel Jaime I Peñíscola ***
From 48,37 €/Night
Hotel Just Style El Mañico
Hotel Los Delfines Peñíscola ***
From 46,68 €/Night
Hotel María Cristina Peñíscola (cerrado) *
From 46,92 €/Night
Hotel Peñíscola Palace ****
From 60,40 €/Night
Hotel Peñíscola Plaza Suites ****
From 49,28 €/Night
Hotel RH Porto Cristo ****
From 54,02 €/Night
Hotel Rio Mar Peñíscola *
Hotel Servigroup Papa Luna ****
Hotel SPA Natura Resort ****
From 35,82 €/Night
Hotel Sunday's Beach *
From 46,92 €/Night
Hotel Tío Pepe **
Montemar Natura Resort



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